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I've just rewatched "The Executioner's Song" and even though in the most recent seasons it's way easier to bitch about episodes than to praise them, this last episode felt lke old school Supernatural. and thank Chuck for that.
I even liked Cas, and that's saying something!
Cain is a wonderful character, surprisingly so, and it's kinda sad to see him go. His scene in the barn with Dean was awesome.
It was chilling to see Dean doing what HAD to be done, and being so scared about it. It reminded me of him telling Sam about being scared of Hell back in season 3, and the dreadful feeling of how bad things can turn again for the brothers is exactly the same.
I know, these days canon is often forgotten and characters are sometimes a bit OOC (and a few times VERY OOC), and angels, well, they are still around, but to really enjoy an episode and getting that early seasons vibe makes me remember why Supernatural is still a great show. Put the brothers up front, make THEIR story the center of the episode and the magic is back. JUST LIKE THAT. Dean falling in Sam's arms got me so emotional, I had tears rolling down before I even realized it. Maybe also because we've been waiting for a brothers' hug in like FOREVER, and considering all that's happened recently, it was long overdue.
I just wish the writers didn't forget how easy it is to make this show work and be as great as it can be.

Thoughts on "About a boy"

I've been waiting for ages to get a de-aged!Dean episode, and considering our current writing team I was quite worried... in the end the ep came out nice, it has no angels in it (yay!) and Sam said some pretty awesome things.
I especially loved the blind faith he has in his brother (or the fact that at least he tells it loud and clear to Dean, who really needs to hear stuff like this) and most of all the "I wanted you back" line.
Now, I LOVED teen!Dean, Dylan did such an AMAZING job in getting Dean down to the last expression and all, and I really enjoyed all the non-stop bantering between the bros (god, I miss it sooo much), butin the car Sam looked utterly TERRIFIED when Dean suggested he might stay de-aged in order not to have the mark reappear.
Cause at the end of the day, Sam is still the little brother who looks up to Dean, even after everyhing he's gone through, cause no matter what, Dean will always be his big brother and his hero. so yeah, as much as I enjoyed teen!Dean, I yelled all my joy when Dean squeezed the hex-bag and turned into his normal self.
Plus we got to see adult!Dean in a hoodie again and for that, I'm forever grateful.
Too bad it wasn't Sam's like last time. ;)
*Sam needs to step in and hug the mark of Cain out of Dean*
First of all, I generally like Charlie, BUT if you mess with Dean's Baby (and you're NOT Sam) YOU.PAY.THE.PRICE. PERIOD. Dark Charlie or not. Cause you just don't mess with Dean's Baby and get a free pass.
Funny how angel-free episodes are istantly 100 times better and more enjoyable.. it must be a coincidence. I really liked Dean defending Charlie, and knowing that she's a good person and that there must be a reason why she acted like that. Looking at him trying to eat healthy and stay away from food was equally hilarious and worrisome. I know how he's trying to stay clean, trying to fight the mark, but I want my Dean eating burgers and fries (possibly on Sam's bed), drinking beer and having pie. he deserves all the pie in the world. and then some.
*pets him*
*Sam needs to step in and hug the mark of Cain out of Dean*
Thank Chuck Charlie forgave Dean and didn't make him feel any worse that he was already (SHE WAS RIGHT DEAN, YOU CAN'T FEEL GUILTY ALL THE TIME, FOR EVERYTHING!!!), unlike a certain angel... There's one thing I really wished she had said, though, when she said "You have something Cain didn't have"... I swear I started yelling SAAAAAM!!!! please Charlie, say SAM!!!!!
Cause let's be honest.... SAM is Dean's real force, and ultimately he will save Dean from the Dark Side.
He will.
*Sam needs to step in and hug the mark of Cain out of Dean*
oh, and, well, Sam needs to step in and hug the mark of Cain out of Dean.

I wonder...
Why was there so LITTLE Sam in the "story so far" montage?
Why was Castiel accusing Dean of being such an awful person (???!!!???) For killing Randy (SERIOUSLY???!!) When HE is reason why Claire does NOT have a dad any longer (and a mom consequently) in the first place??
Why did it take Castiel so LONG to step in and break the door down? What the hell was he waiting for?
Is he that dumb??? ( I believed this required a separate question)
Was is necessary to have so many scenes with Rowena? We understood pretty much from the beginning that she wants to screw Crowley and most likely take his place, there's no need to point that out repeatedly...
And most importantly:
Why so FEW Sam&Dean scenes, when they are so powerful as the one we had in this ep? BTW, Dean's greatest force is having his brother by his side, and we all know it.
And to end on a shallow but much needed note, BAMF!Dean questioning Metatron is hot as hell. And beyond. :)
Funny how the mid season finale turns out to be about anything else but the brothers. Huh. at first I was bored and then I got pissed. Like, seriously? As much as I agree with Claire and her anger, and as much as it was cool to see her be back and call Castiel on his mistakes (guess what, he messed up other people's lives AGAIN),this should not have been the focus of this episode.
Thank god for the great scene at the end between Sam&Dean which didn't make the episode a complete disaster, but apart from those precious few minutes and Sam cooking for Dean, I totally hated this boring episode. What was even the point of calling Sam&Dean? He's a freaking angel, shouldn't he be able to find Claire on his own? The day the writers will stop forcing this angel and his stupid useless storyline on us, it will be a mighty glorious one.

Thoughts on "Hibbing 911"

I only watched the episode once, not because I didn't like it, but cause the Christmas tree and the house weren't going to decorate all by themselves! Also was busy reading yummy Thanksgiving and Xmas J2 & Wincest fics :D
But, here we go.. I actually did like it, any episode sans angels is a win for me (sad but true), and as much as I miss the old writing and the fast-paced rhythm of the first seasons (alas, I know we won't get that back, but sometimes I just get nostalgic), I really enjoyed Donna and Jody together on screen.
Of all the supporting chars still alive, they're definitely my faves. The episode could have been better written and the monsters were really weird (vamps? Acting like that? o.O I also completely zoned out while the hippie gIrl was explaining her story cause that was sooooo boring. But hey, at least we has that glorious 4-second Wincest moment to make up for it!) BUT the 2 girls kicked ass :).
That said, I'm a selfish whiny bitch and I did whine and bitch in the end, like I did after any other episode where Sam&Dean feel more like supporting chars than actual leads of their own story. I could enjoy eps like that when they were about Bobby, cause he was deeply involved with the boys, but as much as I like Jody, it still feels a bit like stolen time from the boys and THEIR story. I know, selfish, but I want as much as I can get of Sam&Dean. Even if it's 40 minutes of "we" time, with them sitting together, having a beer. Yup, I'm weird that way. :D
Next week looks promising, love the MoC storyline, curious to see what they do with it (please writers don't screw it up), and really hoping the angel won't take up too much screen time. As always.

Best scene:Dean's puppy dog eyes, cause we don't see them often, but that's EXACTLY where Sam learned it from!!!!

Thoughts on "Girls, girls, girls"

Of ALL the Supernatural things that go bump into the night, the MOST Supernatural thing of them all must be Dean using a dating app.... SERIOUSLY??? The boy just needs entering ANY place whatsoever and BOOM, a queue is formed.
I still cannot wrap my head around it. Sam's reaction, though, was pretty hilarious, first teasing his big brother (the way he said "Impala67" cracked me up!) and then biting his tongue when the girl (alas, no Canadian trucker named Bruce) appeared. and OF COURSE Dean's smirk was the size of Texas while he was gloating... BROTHERS... :D
As usual, I found the bits sans Sam&Dean a bit boring, still not sure about Rowena and how dangerous she really is. Dean caught up with her pretty quickly and demons captured her pretty easily.. we'll see.
Best scene, for me, was the confrontation with Cole. Sorry dude, but Dean, either Demon or Human will always kick your ass. in the end I felt pretty bad for him, he must have spent so much time learning about demons and then... well. Life just sucks sometimes.
I loved the fact that Sam was there to listen to Dean's speech, in particular to "people who love me (see SAM) pulled me back from the edge". I'm not sure though, that the "I'm past saving" was just for Cole's benefit, cause when it comes to Sam, Dean's quite a terrible liar and he didn't sound that convincing...
Really happy to see that no matter what, Sam will NEVER think that Dean cannot be saved. not ever.
All in all the ep was ok, definitely my least favourite in Season 10, which so far is really good!
You know what could have made it 1000000000000 times better? If Sam had grabbed Dean's arm when he turned to walk away and had hugged him tight. Like really really tight. Chuck knows both boys really need a big, bone-crushing hug.
Let's hope they won't make us wait too long.

Thoughts on "Ask Jeeves"

First of all, I LOVED Clue when I was a kid, so I was so glad that Supernatural dedicated an episode to it! \o/ Dean picking a different "Clue" weapon every time was so cool and the music that accompanied Sam and Dean when they were snooping around the mansion was pure perfection! Shapeshifter Eps are always faves of mine so, yay! And they'll better stop treating us this good with scenes of Dean taking care of Baby or I'll start expecting one in EVERY episode (can't we have that? Pleasepleaseplease????)
This episode had also some great brothers scenes, which always pleases me a lot.keep 'em coming, writers! My personal favorite was Sammy vs the cougar sisters and Dean's reaction to it. The more uncomfortable Sam became, the bigger Dean's smirk grew. He's such a perfect big brother :D. And as glad as I am that Dean is cured and they're finally back on the same team, I was happy to see that the Mark of Cain still plays a big role. Hopefully. Please writers, don't screw it up.
Sam's really worried (yes!!! Gimme that!) And Dean's total denial that there's something wrong with shooting 6 bullets in a row (Dean you lie professionally, you can do better than that!) can only mean he's quite shaken as well. Good. Brothers worrying for each other Is my fave kind of angts! And well, sorry (not really, actually) but Dean looked smoking hot when he looked down and his eyes almost looked black again. Weeeeeeeee. *grabs pop corn*
Fave quote: "homosexual murderers" and Wincest lives on! \o/
Well, I did NOT expect that!
Truth is, I was kinda worried, episode 200 is such a milestone for any show that my first thought was that it deserved to be something serious, something meaningful for the brothers, a love letter to THEM0 and not something for the fans.
and I was wrong. and never HAPPIER about it!
Cause as much as I laughed ( Dean saying "It's not a tulpa" had me cracking up every single time I watched it (and I rewatched it A LOT), both boys reactions to first seeing what the musical was about, and many other things throughout the whole ep) this ep was as meaningful and serious and important for the brothers and their relationship as I could have hoped for.
I loved Dean's reaction to fan fiction (exactly the same as in "The monster at the end of the book)", - thanks for not changing that! - and Sam having a ball about it, just cause it's making his big brother so uncomfortable.
I loved the fake SAMULET back, cause if we can't have the real one back (in my headcanon Sam picked it up and hid it somewhere,but well... ^^), this is the next best thing.
We reclaimed the "bitch" "jerk" thing between the bros, even if with Marie!Sam :D, and Dean hanging the Samulet on Baby's rearview mirror said it ALL.BEST SCENE IN THE EP. No need for words, just that sweet glance they exchanged and it got me so emotional, cause they BOTH knew and understood what it meant. and Dean's right, as much as we miss it, he doesn't really need a symbol to remind him how he feels about his brother. :D
and lastly, if you didn't cry your eyes out every time you heard them singing "carry on wayward son" there's something REALLY wrong with you. it was perfect, it was heartbreaking and it was so so beautiful.
J2 deserve all the recognition for the HUGE milestone they reached together. I'm so happy the episode did justice to all the hard work and passion they've put during these past 10 years.
Really hope that season 10 will continue on this track, there'll surely be some bad episodes, but as long as the bros are back together, I'm ok with it.  
Am I the only person who thought the Sam and Dean "we time" (I soooo love that) scene HAD to be a dream cause it was just TOO good? I was honestly expecting one of them to suddenly wake up in the bunker and go get some more whiskey...
but I WAS WRONG!!!! and I couldn't be happier about it!
Sam and Dean! Together!! having a beer! in sunglasses (good god THOSE sunglasses)!!!! right beside the "No Hunting" sign (LMAO)!! with their green cooler (welcome back, buddy!) and Baby watching their back! OMG!!!! The visual alone.... but hey, then Dean had to be a big brother and tease Sam for hurting his arm.... We might not have gotten a hug (YET), but this was the next best thing! \o/
It's probably due to the fact we've been starving for brotherly moments, but I really couldn't believe (still hardly can) that in the same ep we got that glorious opening scene, three (THREE!!!!) talks in the Impala, a pat on the back and NO ANGELS!!!!! We won the lottery on this one for sure.
I also liked the parallel with the werewolves sisters and how Kate managed to do what neither Sam or Dean could EVER do to each other. Kill the other. The parallel between the siblings was clear but not too forced on like it had happened with #Thinman , and thank god for that. It actually stressed even more how special and unique Sam and Dean relationship is. it goes WAY beyond being brothers, cause when it comes to each other, they do not act like normal, even very close siblings do. To me, it actually affirms once again the fact they they are soul mates, and irrationally, gloriously co-depedent. and I LOVE IT.
Fave line: "Not to mention, I never said thank you. So..." " You don't ever have to say that, not to me", which to me is the Winchester way to say " I love you" and "I love you back".



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